Well this weekend proved to be quite interesting, I watched hot fuzz- which was awesome and I strongly suggest it to anyone who likes British comedies.

Here's some funny moments from the movie, and some more, and some more.

Awesome movie, the timing was BEAUTIFUL. XD Any who.
As any little get-together with 'Manda and KK goes, there are some hilariou bits of conversation exchanged. this evening before we took our leave to part ways this conversation arrised, it went something like this:

Manda- you could draw Jetsons porn.
Me- I'm not going to draw porn of cartoons!
Manda- you could draw it all detailed and stuff- I mean Flintstones and Jetsons is pretty simplistic
Me- Amanda, do you want me to draw you Jetsons porn.
Manda- ... yes Kendra. Yes I do.

and then it turned into a horrible conversation about rule 34/35 and how everything and anything that could be suggested has been done. Amanda said Snorks.
....I don't really want to know if there is pornographic material of the Snorks
In fact I'll be terrified if there is.
But yeah, 'Manda and KK are pretty incredible.
thanks for having me around guys!

Now as for music... Here have a song!:

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Sparkz said...

Rule 34 applies to those fish down there too, Kendra. -STARE-