Image of Ken and Viren for a change, in niblet style because it's quick, easy, and a nice release after redoing commissions like 3 times and becoming annoyed with it. But never the less- I have made myself DETERMINED to finish them this week so I don't have to constantly be worrying about them! some people have been waiting so long on me and I just D8 I feel bad AUUGHFHGHF *punches perfectionism in the face* 8C
Ah well, I'll have this stuff done.

Uh now as for the image, Ken and Kenny have many things that separate them- appearance-wise and personality-wise.
One of which is Ken's forward nature, and Kenny's nebbish one.
As illustrated by these images I believe it is increasingly obvious that Viren should RUN AWAY /dun dun dun/
And I decided to give ken a pink and red striped shirt. Because I like making them obnoxiously coloured.
and the shirts pretty nifty and /I like drawing cuffs to much on characters, way too much/

With all this being said, I hope to those who do watch this blog that you enjoy the image and all of that stuff.
I also posted a poem on DA, of which can be found: Here.
Not that good. But I hope it's at least entertaining.

I have not much else to say here: SO! have some youtube vids.


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TheSilverTopHat said...

It occurs to me that a lot of the couples you draw have big height differences, such as with Dr.Dreadful and Cil, and Viren and Kenny to a lesser degree. I didn't really think about it until seeing Ken next to Viren (or more accurately sitting in Viren's lap) and I realized how much smaller Kenny looks in comparison. It's not a bad thing, in fact I like couples with height differences. It's just funny to see how uncomfortable Viren is with Ken, who is probably a lot heavier and harder to get rid of than Kenny. Very fun pictures, and excellent songs too! I'm going to go show them to my drumming brother.