Sorta homestuck fanart- Gena requested it last night because we drew some massive similarities between Dave and Jade to Ben and Vocal, and we laughed- oh yes- much laughing to be had~
not much to say in this journal/blogpost- whatevers


Q2k said...

I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Your characters are OBVIOUSLY loved, people OBVIOUSLY love your art, you get like 100 favorites and comments on everything you post- everything you post ALWAYS winds up on the front page, even doodles, and obviously have MANY fans of your work and fans of your creations. Where the hell are you getting this "all my friends are better than me" "all my friends' characters are more liked than mine" bullcrap from?

If you're that convinced your friends are better than you, then do what I do.
Just use it as motivation to improve.

But I absolutely refuse to believe that your art and your characters aren't loved.

Anonymous said...

Wtffff!? I don't get it... everything you post gets a lot of interest and feedback. I don't know if you consider me one of your friends or not but your characters have way more fans than mine! I just can't see where you got reason to believe that people don't like your stuff that much. Also you seem to be passionate about your characters and that's the most important thing, right?

Kylie DiOrio said...

Okay I'm gonna tell you this right now. You're full of shit.

And LOL i believe I told you HOW to make your characters more well known...which is just draw them MORE. Draw more Twi, Sirius, Floure, Ace, WHOMEVER. Because if you just look at the first page of your gallery, you see VERY LITTLE to NONE of those characters vs other things/charas you draw. You effectively put them on the back burner and so is everyone else with their adoration, I'm not surprised they don't have a big fanbase.

Just simply draw them more and get them noticed. Because HELL. Twi and Sirius seemed to be more well known back in the day when you DREW THEM MORE.

As for the friend issue, MAYBE you should TALK to them. Because maybe it's an issue of just simply NOT talking.

Candimente said...

...okay I know it's gunna sound like I'm sucking up, but here is the full and honest truth from me. I SWEAR IT'S HONEST. I think I need to tell you this anyway.

You are seriously one of my favourite artists of all time, EVER. Every time I look at your gallery, it makes me want to draw. I envy your creativity and your work so much, you have no idea how many times I sit there thinking "FFFFFFF SHE'S SO GOOD ;O;". Hell, I almost want to be like you, you know that? Because you really are one of the most thoughtful and creative people I've ever known, you're clearly very talented and I can see you going somewhere big someday - definitely with 3Trys!

You're a HUGE inspiration to me. I know I sound all corny and crap but it's all true. And I'd be honoured if you'd be my friend, but I know you can't be friends with EVERYONE x'D Though I'm a good listener when I want to be, even if I'm not very helpful. It'd be nice if we could chat or share our creations someday.

Aaaaand that concludes my comment, I gotta go now, hurr. Feel better. <3

Empyrisan said...

If there's anybody who would be saying that kind of angst drama, it'd be me really. No surprise there. XD

But really, why would you say that about yourself? It's clear to those with brains, eyes, and a heart that you and your characters are very much loved by hundreds, more attention than my turkey shoot gang family of weirdos and I will ever recieve. Love your characters when nobody else seems to. They won't be loved if you won't love yourself. But you do love them very much and like to show them to the world and that's one
of the important reasons why people love them.

People, characters, entities... There'll never be a better someone else, just a better self. Nothing was meant to be comparable; I think you told me that, no?

And as for friends drifting away, just try and stay in contact with them. Say hello, ask them how they've been. We grow old and life gets in the way and other obstacles that try to keep us apart. Overcoming the odds are what make bonds stronger and friends very memorable.

I don't know if you find me to be a very good friend to you, but I care about you a lot and I doubt I'll forget someone as unique as you. <3

Alright, I'll halt the sappy talk here. XD My eyes are leakin' like a snow cone on a phoenix. Stay awesome!