I might be this fella

Yes you may, Pickle inspector, yes you may just be that fella.

Anyway, MSPA fan art- of Pickle inspector (beware, there be spoilers)
He's awesome and my favorite character. So why not do some sorta polished fan art of him?
I'm trying to improve on that shading- make it the best it can be, so I've decided to do doodles sorta in it as well- maybe- if I have time. It was fun to unwind with- my minds been a little troubled as of late... soooo.... seemed like a good idea!
My house is pretty quiet right now... a lot of stuff happened these evening that I'd rather not share but let's just say my heads a little light and I feel like puking- eugughhh XDD
No big though, things happen, things ALWAYS happen- and this is just the second day of the year- let's hope it gets better- it seems to be a little too emotional.

I'm rather hungry for a sloppy joe though. I have no idea why- but I am- that or rice pudding. mmmmm...
Whatever the reason being for this odd fixation on unfamiliar foods (at least in this household- we never have sloppy joes! D8>) I'm sure it will go away- Now I'm gonna ink up a logo and enjoy a cup of cold coffee that's been sitting on my desk- toodles!

But before I leave, of course I need to supply some videos. it's my JOB.

Really feel good song, it cheered me up- I first heard it from my friend Shavo, I got curious and YOUTUBED THAT SHIZ- and this turned up! so awesome!

This guy.... THIS GUY- he's hilarious- HAHA!

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Q2k said...

I hate you for the fact that you had me reading Homestuck ALL DAY yesterday.
But I love you for it at the same time because it's awesome.

Not sure what went on at all, but I'm glad things apparently calmed down.