Vocal post

First I start you with some doodles from rp story writing, it feels refreshing to use Vocal more- she's precious and I adore her; possibly because she's so chipper and it makes me feel chipper; and I really dig drawing strange markings, WHICH DO HAVE A PURPOSE. I'm just... not going to share why~ the last black and white doodle shows Gena's character Ben, which is associated with why Vocal is all decked out that way. plus like- I suck at drawing him and kinda need to really get better. And I like drawing Vocal being carried because she's a tiny~ (only not super tiny, just moderate.)

Yanno, I never got how everyone thinks nudity is some forbidden thing that you shouldn't draw whatsoever- or if you do, it HAS to be porn 8/ really? I don't really THINK SO. I think nudity can be quite beautiful; and simplicity can be lovely. Plus yanno, I'm no nudist; in fact people are lucky if they see my stomach in this lifetime. However, it does not mean I appose nudity *shrugs* I just don't... care. I mean REALLY XD

So yeah, Vocal- who I need to work with a lot more; and I should REALLY be doing my Christmas image; augh I'm so swamped with work...

Draw to this:


Q2k said...

Vocal is so cuuuute. ;; <3
She has such AWESOME bangs and I TOTALLY don't say that because mine are like that too. ;D

I never really understood people thinking nudity is horrible either. I don't really like DRAWING nudity, but it's silly to think "OH MY GOD THAT IS FORBIDDEN HOW DARE YOU DRAW SOMEONE AS THEY WERE CREATED TO LOOK"

Plus that song is awesome. 8>

Empyrisan said...

We tiny folks are just simply adorable, yes? 8D Vocal is a neat character, though I know almost nothing about her. Boo on me. 8C

Also, I think nudity can be a beautiful thing! I draw my characters nakkid all the time, but you're not suppose to know that. To think, by the moment we are born, wearing nothing at all, our bare presence is automatically considered porn? 8I

But I guess some people are just uncomfortable by the sight and call it "porn" so they'd have a reason to avoid it.

ER said...

She's kinda sexy.. xD;


Aww, your blog colors changed. D8>

pepi said...

I think exactly the same about it.
Sometimes drawing nudity is the best way to show your feelings to the others...
Like on your picture - it's perfectly gives back the feeling of safety, calmness and pureness.
It wouldn't be the same with pyjamas or something :P
Unless you use it too often. It can easily lost its true meaning - And maybe this is why people don't like it.
It's been over used by superficial idiots...

By the way, of course i have a messenger, just drop me a line on DA! :D

Elixirmy said...

You should post these on DA sometime in an artdump or something! All your blog doodles are really adorable and seem like finished pieces/ on their way to be one! :D They're all a real treat when logging on to blogspot!

Anonymous said...

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