Cil info!

(Real)Name: Cilivin Cee Citrus.

Sidekick/nickname(s): 3C, Pen, Cil, Cilly
Age: 23

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 130 LBS

Hair: Pale blonde

Eyes: Violet

Occupation: n/a

Personality: Cil’s a pretty tricky one considering she comes off as bright and cheery due to her appearance but inwardly is very corrupted. She has a horrible temper- however it is not something she acts upon most of the time, in fact her cynicism and sarcastic comments come from this, and while her temper is connective to her berserk-like tendencies. Even still it isn't something she goes out of her way to show- actually it's the entire opposite. She is very secretive about her emotions and thoughts and feelings and tends to keep the inner workings of her mind to herself. She’s extremely trusting and caring though, and has a bit of a sarcastic streak. When she wants something, say information, she’ll try tricking the person into releasing it. Almost every sentence that comes from her mouth is laced with sarcasm and cynicism. She isn't a bad person though. She's neither bad- nor good- nor is she in between. She's a being driven upon action and circumstance and merely does what she is presented with at the given time. However, this does not mean that she stimulates her nonexistent id with selfish desires. She try's her hardest to supply support and help to those who NEED it. She can be kind sweet and caring if she knows you, and cares about you. Or she can be incontrovertible, cynic, and rude to you if it is the entire opposite. However, for the most part- Cil keeps to herself, she isn't one to go out of her way to start conversation.

Fav Music: The Beatles, she adores the song “across the universe” by them, she also likes David Bowie, Oingo Boingo, The crystal method, Pink Floyd, led zeppelin, Sting, lifehouse, sick puppies, The police. Her taste varies.

Strengths: She is ambidextrous, and she has a really quick skill at organization and mixing so chemicals and handling things is no problem for her, she’s also got a pretty quick wit so she can KINDA get out of situations just by using her head, that is, if her anger doesn’t get to her first, however if her anger does strike her, she has the ability to throw very very HARD punches and break jaws, while she looks frail she's actually very strong due to the rush of adrenaline and can attack with great skill and take a lot of force and pain (but this is only because her anger will be her main focus and she wouldn't be thinking about anything else, such as her state)

Weaknesses: She’s got berserk rage, meaning once she gets angry, there’s really no stopping her, however she’s been in anger management for several years to try and lessen the possibility of her doing another attack on someone. She’s also very very emotional, and words tend to get to her rather easily, she can’t help that aspect. Another weakness, though she's not proud of it, is her train of thought, which jumps from random subjects and tends to get her to not only ramble, but sometimes forget the task at hand. And while she can move quickly and somewhat smooth to dodge and attack- She's a clumsy runner due to her *ahem* upper body, and has HORRIBLE allergies for animals and pollen. And it’s also very very very easy to get under her skin.

History: Cilivin Cee Citris, or Cil for short was the youngest in her family while growing up with her two older twin brothers, Cleo and Clide Citris, always being second best to their insane intelligence and craft for doing anything and having it come out with spectacular results. She was the one her parents "didn't have time for" in simple words. She was the outcast and the black sheep with her family and also the one- unfortunately- that developed the mental instabilities that were swept under the rug and never shown nor displayed. As far as it is known- regardless of what she wants to have known- Cil used to work as a scrub at a hospital while going to college to get her degree to become a nurse, in the mean time she was providing for Rodger, he was going to school, or so he told her, to be a doctor, so they could work together and all that. Well he was a liar, a user, and a jerk. The guy pushed and pushed her, ordering her to do things for him, he hurt her not only emotionally but physically as well. Even still she refused to allow him to have his way with her, so he cheated on her, and slept with various women, while Cil continued to provide for him and do what he asked. Then one day she saw him, talking about her on a college campus, releasing the information about using the money she had been giving him to go to college for sex, drugs, anything pleasurable, and that she was a tool for him. At first she went into a state of timid denial, as it was part of her character at the time- but as the beatings worsened, and his actions became more public- The anger and rage consumed her and, in turn, took over. In the end Rodger was killed by her hands and she was dubbed insane and placed in a mental institution for 3 years, all of the happenings within this horrid place- dubbed Moonstruck Manner, are still unknown. After 3 years of being locked away and completely destroying her conscious mind- she developed insanity- the part of her that one day might consume and corrupt her once and for all. There was an attack on moonstruck dubbed "the moonstruck massacre" claiming that the inhabitants of the building were all killed. Fortunately, this was not the case- and once released from her room- Cil ran.

Relations: She has two brothers who do not know she’s still alive named Cleo and Clide

Quirks: She has limerence and a limerent person to match, she's allergic to animals, she rambles- A LOT, she gels up her hair, she's very self conscious about not what she looks like- but what she says, her favorite colour is actually red- not pink, She's never kissed/been kissed EVERS (her lips are virgins bumbumbummm), she only likes light chocolate, she can cook moderately well; tiny things that is, if she were any animal she'd be a Labrador golden retriever mix, she blurts out things that she's thinking at the time randomly- usually causing her to say "I DIDN'T SAY THAT- SHUTUP."

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