What have I been up too?

Doodles for friends and like... two for myself yes

XD smoothie, Kio, and Cil are mine everyone else belongs to their respected owners which isn't me 8O

Better view of Kio without her mask, she's super super old, like character before I joined DA old.
I leik her, I'm glad I found my old art of her 8> YAY FOR SAVING ART

yeah that's in it from me. here have a song


Q2k said...

Kio is coolplz. 8D

And Smooth is adorable as always. LKfjsdfkjsdfs

Quinn, who's too lazy to make a REAL ACCOUNT to comment with! said...

Hotdamn, I keep forgetting how many wonderful characters you haave. SO MUCH LOVE. <3 Also I'd hate to repeat what's already been said, BUT KIO. Daaaamn, Kio. e____e

What the hell, I need to comment on here more. 8|

Kuri said...

that Dreadful at the beach made me laugh for some reason XDDD he'd look weird if he got a tan with the googles on though XD

Also hello thereeee 8D I've been watching your blog for quite a while but didn't have an account before XD AND NOW FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON I DO, SO...WHOO?!

Sparkz Ravencraft said...



hawt plz. D8 <3

...and the lil Cil oh lordy -tearsazz-
You are in his thoughts as he rubs sunscreen upon his supple FLESH.

they all look so chewyyyyyy 8D

UglyYomiThing said...

damn kio is a hot piece of hat.

bang it like a screen door in a windstorm, etc.