Okay I admit.

Things are changing. For me, for others, for everything, my life- or so I hope.
All one can do is keep hoping, I guess.

sorry I have no new art to pot in this thing- drawing has been the last thing on my mind lately and as much as I love it- I can't focus on it right now- I can't focus on anything- I'm so unhappy guh. But I have to chin up. People are counting on me, I have shit to do- If this is going to happen then I need to stay positive and hope for the best. I really hope everyone's feelings toward it are real. Sorry to be so vague- I sound all crazy right now, and maybe I am. Who knows.
Here have some more youtube vids:

And just because this is the best commercial ever:

I laughed the entire time, I'm sure all my friends know why.

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Lizzy said...

I'm very glad you're trying to stay positive.

And those videos are amazing sdjk