Around around we go

Doodles of that... simplified "nibblet" style once again.
This time featuring not only Viren et Kenny BUT Otev and Pen (top right) and Robin and Iz (bottom)
Sorry I neglect this blog so much my mind has been else-where.
dealing with some emotional hindering facets of which I'm not to proud.
On a side note- this style of drawing has pipped my interest in possibly making stickers- possibly not to sell but for my own enjoyment- my sketchbook is pretty barren, perhaps it'd liven' it up a bit.
But I digress, I'll leave you readers with something of more sustenance and of entertaining quality rather than my own rambunctious ramblings:

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Q2k said...

Your lil niblet style is seriously the cutest thing in ever. ;o; They make me happy, so cuuute.

The one of Pen and Otev is freaking adorable sldkfjg I really like the way you did his nose (and Lizzy continues to point out weird details she likes)