Doodles from my face- innit great?

Something small, and not all that plentiful- but OH MY GOSH I FINISHED THAT SCRAP BOOK PROJECT AND I AM SO RELEIVED. It killed me guys ;; it so did.

Dread's and Cil's and alla dat good stuff. but The song that's all lyric like around Cil was presented to me by the great all knowing and amazing GenaLeah 8D WHO LINKED ME DIS

It matches Cil so much right now ;; and that makes me sads and also go "AWWW D8" so sad... But very sweet- and Gena said she thought of Cil so I went "WELLLLLL 8DDD" and drew- oh how I drew~

MYEUP! welp! Hope you enjoy mon ami's! off to work on dis pic again!


angelofchaos131 said...

UGH, way to get a song stuck in my head, man! DX

Telly said...

Ooh I love that doodle its so sweet and awesome and sweet. yet EVIL.
Keep up the awesome doodles Kendra!